Right-wing extremist attacks planned: neo-nazi group charged

Eight neo-Nazis probably wanted to bring about a "change of system" as the "Revolution Chemnitz". Now the Federal Prosecutor’s Office is bringing charges against them.

The neo-Nazis were arrested two days before the designated attack date in October 2018 (archive photo) Photo: dpa

The right-wing riots in Chemnitz last summer caused a nationwide stir. Eight men are still in custody. Now, according to taz information, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against them: they allegedly formed a right-wing terrorist group as the self-proclaimed "Revolution Chemnitz."

Police had already arrested the men, aged 21 to 31, in September and October 2018. The prosecution accuses them of having planned attacks, the group had already been looking for weapons. The goal was "effective strikes against left-wing parasites, Merkel zombies, media dictatorship and their slaves," as it was said in an internal Telegram chat group. They wanted a "change of system", it was a matter of "overthrowing the regime".

The men come from the region around Chemnitz, some have many years of scene experience, for example in the former comradeship "Storm 34", others moved along among hooligans. And they also participated in the right-wing marches in the summer of 2018 after a fatal knife attack on a Chemnitz man, during which there were attacks on migrants, counter-demonstrators and journalists.

Christian K. is considered by the prosecutors to be the leader of the wheel. He is said to have founded the chat group – title: "Planning the Revolution". In mid-September, the 31-year-old had already moved with a dozen comrades-in-arms to the Schlossteichinsel in Chemnitz after a right-wing rally, where he had acted as a vigilante to control those present and threaten migrants. One Iranian suffered a head wound from a bottle thrown at him. The police then arrested the group. Internally, the group had claimed that the action was a "trial run".

In the view of the investigators, an actual attack was then to take place on October 3 in Berlin. There, where "the people" are sitting, who "must be deposed", as it was said in the chat of "Revolution Chemnitz". According to the neo-Nazis, police officers and "normal citizens" should also have taken part in the actions. How concrete the plans were, however, remained unclear to investigators.

Defense attorneys consider accusations exaggerated

They had gotten on the trail of the group by confiscating the cell phones of Christian K. and others. On chats there, they also discovered an "order list" for firearms. The members already exchanged them about a collection of money and purchase prices.

The charges were brought before the Dresden Higher Regional Court. The defense attorneys of the eight defendants, however, consider the accusations to be exaggerated. The files are "thin," attorney Daniel Sprafke told the taz. It is questionable, he said, that even a chat group is enough to form a terrorist group. "I have my doubts about that."

The Federal Court of Justice, on the other hand, had most recently confirmed the arrest warrants against the defendants. An "urgent suspicion" continues to exist.

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