Column young and stupid: do feelings have a duty of silence?

Everywhere it’s about compassion: in the pedestrian zone, in politics. But why do we always have to be forced into it?

Kevin Kuhnert has lost. And then lost weight, too Photo: dpa

When I’m not wondering what old, often bearded men are allowed to write in magazines and moderation texts for "aspekte" or "Kulturzeit," I’m anxiously checking my face for signs of age (wrinkles, bags under my eyes, bulges), lying on a couch bleeding, or watching the Greenpeace and WWF guys in the pedestrian zone forcing older women to estimate their age.

The market is simply the best allocation medium for the not so scarce resource "compassion" or "bad conscience. Hardly a healthy step through the pedestrian zone is possible anymore without being touched, optimized by advertising psychology. The repression is accompanied by the return of the repressed.

Charity joyfully takes over the tasks that would actually be state tasks, such as not letting the unemployed starve, and its sponsors can finally feel like good people, "giving back" something to "society" (in case of doubt, just leftover food). Gloria, mercy. The developing sense gap must be filled, otherwise it does not go, by the wrong – foreign – taker. He can now be hated.

Pity for Kevin Kuhnert

Pity must be felt, except for me, also for poor Kevin Kuhnert and the 397,724,818 new SPD members who will now never get out of there, if not die slowly in agony. The Kuhni lost in a landslide, lost 15 kilos and spent weeks in bed with a fever, the power empath learns from "Bento" on the Internet.

He just didn’t stand a chance against Andrea Nahles, the booming leader of a neoliberally renovated "Ey-Du-Sozialdemokratie" (Diederichsen). Nevertheless, we thank him for his sweet face and the final proof of the fact that most Germans now only have access to the outside world via the Groko; it is the medium of knowledge and experience par excellence.

And what else? One just gets "fully" one "wiped". At least that’s what Matthias Habel, a geography graduate who wrote his thesis on the subject of "summer flash floods," tells us on the WetterOnline website. Because of the dry weather, people get flash floods more often. Up to 35,000 volts flowed there sometimes – but do not worry, not life-threatening!

The experts for those hand creams of Petra Online recommended by him for the production of better conductivity of the skin recommend for their part cling film with which the creamed hands are to be covered. Unfortunately, with my creamed, wrapped hands, I could not then research what again the cling film should be treated with to make it work even better. Please allow me to submit this to you when the opportunity arises. It begins, moreover, also the spring.

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