Climate accusations between the parties: you’re the only ones who care

Party politics produce so much CO2 emissions in their speech bubbles that a CO2 pricing would be worthwhile here as well. That drives people to Fridays for Future.

No green cloak will help any more. Photo: dpa

Party politics is harmful to the climate. They produce so much CO2 emissions in their speech bubbles that a CO2 pricing would be worthwhile here as well. The latest example: SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mutzenich accused the Greens over the weekend of acting "neoliberally" in climate policy and in the interests of their well-off voters. The SPD, on the other hand, had "those in mind who do not have enough money to live and consume in a climate-friendly way without major losses."

So what’s true about that: There are people who vote for the Greens and, at the same time, jet off to Mallorca or drive around dachshunds in their SUVs in the inner city more often than the average Prolli. But if Mutzenich were right in his logic-free analysis, it would mean that the Greens organize a riot and inner-city blockades every time flying and SUV driving are to become more expensive. Instead, they propose the opposite: a CO2 entry price of 40 euros, combined with the payment of a 100-euro citizen’s allowance to benefit low-income earners. This can and should be criticized because, according to climate science, the entry price is far too low; but it’s too much for the head of the SPD.

Yes, I know, one should not play with names. But Mutzenich’s strategy of bashing others in order to spare himself and his own clientele efforts is transparent. And it is tiresome. How about proposals that are coordinated between the parties? How about a citizens’ council that puts together the best climate-saving solutions?

Sorry, but you great political strategists still don’t get it: This game of competition between the parties, which only interests you, is driving people en masse either into disenchantment with democracy or onto the barricades of Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion. I hope they paralyze the government district properly on Monday.

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