The future on the ballot

Are Europe’s voters sending the EU into nirvana, or will the 2019 European elections be the starting point of a new European era? Our special coverage looks for answers for you

To paraphrase a British rock band: Why does it always rain on … Europe Photo: dpa

By Jan Feddersen

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Tv news for kids on kika: for growing europe

One month to go until the EU elections: TV reporters Dilek usuk and Maral Bazargani explain the continent to children in "Logo!".

Dilek usuk (left) and Maral Bazargani Photo: ZDF

Until the late eighties, children only saw the news that adults saw as well. For example, what came after the insistent gong at eight o’clock in the evening. The Tagesschau on the German public broadcaster Ersten – fascinatingly incomprehensible to children. From January 1989, the decade of inflationary hairspray consumption was just coming to an end, the fall of the Berlin Wall was imminent, came an alternative for children and young people, on ZDF started the program "Logo!"

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Black-red government plans: when mom suddenly needs care

When parents become care recipients, children can be called upon to support their parents. This is soon to change in many cases.

The question of who pays for care is also a matter of emotion Photo: Imago / EPD

Johanna Fricke’s* mother-in-law had become frail, and the old lady lives alone. "It was clear that she needed some help in the morning and evening," Fricke says. Son and daughter-in-law work full time. A nursing service was requested.

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Seasonal workers could be short because of corona: waiters in the field for the harvest?

Seasonal workers from Poland or Romania, for example, could stay at home because of Corona, warns the farmers’ association. Can restaurant waiters replace them?

Could this waitress also stab asparagus? Photo: Robert Michael/dpa

The German Farmers’ Association expects a shortage of harvest workers from abroad because of the Corona virus pandemic. "We fear that the border closures will result in a shortage of urgently needed seasonal workers and harvest helpers," Secretary General Bernhard Krusken told the taz newspaper on Monday.

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Column press blow: tofu until it comes out his ears.

How Susi Hoeneb ensured that Uli H. remained surprisingly civilized even after FC Bayern Munchen lost.

Bavarian happiness: Uli and Susi Hoeneb Photo: dpa

It worked! Ha! "Watch this," I had said to him, back in November, "if you say something like that again, then something is going on here!" After the 3:3 against Fortuna, he had said, "This will be a difficult evening for my wife." Everyone can imagine how people look at you at the bakery on a Monday after you say something like that, a little pityingly, a little suspiciously, to see if you’re okay. In any case, you can’t put up with that kind of nonsense, and that’s why I thought of something.

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Lung disease in china: the virus is spreading

Nine people have already died from the coronavirus in China, and the number of infected people has risen to 440. The WHO is consulting on safety measures.

Safety precautions against the coronary virus in Wuhan, China Photo: Dake Kang/ap/dpa

afp/reuters/dpa/ap | The fear of a possible epidemic touches a primal human fear. Not exactly reassuring are the reports that the novel coronavirus is spreading outside China. According to Chinese figures, the number of infected people rose to 440 on Tuesday, and nine people have died so far. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the U.S. have each confirmed one case, while Thailand has three cases.

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Liebknecht-luxemburg-demo in berlin: lead deserts and rebellious masters

Thousands commemorate the murdered communists Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Thematically, it is about much more.

Traditional banner of the Liebknecht/Luxemburg demo Photo: Christian Mang

Only the weather does not adhere to tradition. Unseasonably mild and sunny, this second Sunday in January shows up at Frankfurter Tor in the morning. But otherwise, as usual, a sea of red flags lines the Frankfurter Allee, lined up behind the front banner that has remained unchanged for at least twenty years and fills the entire width of the three-lane street: "Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Lenin. No one is forgotten. Stand up and resist!"

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Quarantine with children: a new dimension of togetherness

Testing independence and playing together: Columnist Sylvia Prahl offers tips on how families can pass Corona time.

Social distancing is no problem in the Britzer Garten Photo: Thomas Wolter/ Pixabay

The shutdown brings many new insights. About oneself and especially about one’s own child. Sure, even before Corona, not every hour spent together was quality time. But with homeschooling, daily togetherness has reached a new dimension. After all, what parent knows what goes on in the classroom in the morning? Very rarely does the question "So, how was school today?" get more than a sonorous "Good." "What did you do in German?" "Don’t know." Okay, the kid isn’t up for it right now, is tired, so we’ll ask again later.

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