Police scandal in nrw: against the wall

Accusations of manipulation, another child abuse scandal dragged out: NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) must fight for his office.

Under increasing pressure: NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) Photo: dpa

North Rhine-Westphalia’s CDU Interior Minister Herbert Reul is coming under increasing pressure because of police failures and allegations of manipulation. In the interior committee of the state parliament, Reul had to admit on Thursday afternoon that North Rhine-Westphalia’s police had massively slopped in a second case of child pornography after the thousand-fold sexual abuse at a campsite in Lugde in eastern Westphalia.

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Column “makeshift label”: searching for a way out by analogy

Attack on BND headquarters

Where to start? What is important? What is a false lead? Everyone tries a different corner. At first, this seems hectic and ill-considered. Well, time is also running, a countdown counted down.

The story of the game sounds plausible – or crazy; depending on your point of view: A female agent has received a tip that there is supposed to be an attack on the newly built headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service in Chausseestrasse (at this point I had to laugh and think of the "attack" on the taps in the BND building). But no one believes the young woman. That’s why she went into hiding, but left us all the evidence in her office. All the evidence? Just where?

You have to think logically and you also need analog skills.

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Quarantine with children: a new dimension of togetherness

Testing independence and playing together: Columnist Sylvia Prahl offers tips on how families can pass Corona time.

Social distancing is no problem in the Britzer Garten Photo: Thomas Wolter/ Pixabay

The shutdown brings many new insights. About oneself and especially about one’s own child. Sure, even before Corona, not every hour spent together was quality time. But with homeschooling, daily togetherness has reached a new dimension. After all, what parent knows what goes on in the classroom in the morning? Very rarely does the question "So, how was school today?" get more than a sonorous "Good." "What did you do in German?" "Don’t know." Okay, the kid isn’t up for it right now, is tired, so we’ll ask again later.

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