Us supreme court replacement: trump appoints conservative gorsuch

49-year-old Neil Gorsuch gets the vacant Supreme Court post and could keep it for decades. Opposition leader Schumer is harshly critical.

Appointment for life: Neil Gorsuch made it Photo: ap

It is one of the most potentially momentous decisions of the new US president: Just a week and a half after taking office, Donald Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch, a proven conservative, to the post on the country’s Supreme Court that has been vacant for a year. The appointment of the 49-year-old federal appeals court judge is likely to give the powerful Supreme Court a fundamental conservative orientation in the long term.

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Conflict between turkey and the usa: harsh tone among nato friends

Following the attempted coup in Turkey, tensions between Ankara and Washington are growing. The laughing third is IS.

On a confrontation course with the U.S.: Erdogan on Saturday in Istanbul Photo: dpa

It was a remarkable sentence that the Turkish prime minister uttered in parliament on Saturday afternoon. "Any country," Binali Yıldırım said, "that still supports Fethullah Gulen and his movement now, we will consider to be in a state of war with Turkey."

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Usa and italy rescue refugees: large-scale operation on the mediterranean sea

More than twenty refugee boats are on Sunday on the Mediterranean Sea towards Europe. Malta, Italy and the United States have sent rescue ships.

Off the Italian island of Lampedusa, more than a thousand refugees had already been rescued on Saturday. Photo: dpa

Because of two dozen located refugee boats, several countries in the Mediterranean launched a large-scale naval operation on Sunday. The operation involved ships of Malta, Italy and the United States, according to the Maltese government. According to the statement, it is "one of the largest search and rescue operations organized in the Mediterranean Sea in recent years."

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Police present traffic accident statistics: more fatalities, fewer injuries

In 2016, 29 people died on Hamburg’s roads. The automobile club is focusing on technical improvements, while the bicycle club is calling for more 30 km/h zones.

Dangerous road: Three cyclists died in Hamburg last year. Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa

Too high a speed, too little distance and ignoring a red light – these were the main reasons why people were injured in road traffic in 2016. As the traffic accident balance, which Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD) presented yesterday, shows, there were more accidents in Hamburg than there were for the fourth year in a row. Fewer people were injured, but more people were killed than in the previous year. In view of the absolute number of deaths and injuries, the Left Party and the ADFC demanded that the Senate limit speed to 30 km/h on more roads.

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Culture bag column: heroes like them

It’s not easy. If you want to worship someone as an alternative to modern soccer, you’d better not look too closely.

Totti must be a good one, one for whom loyalty still counts. Long live high Photo: reuters

Is it still allowed to have fun with soccer? And if so, what exactly is still allowed to be good about this sport? It is not easy to answer such questions in these days when criticism of modern soccer is formulated even by those who are part of the modern soccer business. In this dark world of commerce, where the soul of sport has long been for sale, are there any heroes left whom it is permissible to revere without being ashamed of it?

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Column television: bermuda triangle of ironing television

People who are sick watch TV even when normally only RTL losers tune in. And sees rows and rows of men at the stove.

There are few rules in my life – too few, my great new family doctor would say, with a stern motherly look over her glasses. So she came up with a few new ones right off the bat: no milk, no sugar, no … fun. I’d rather spare you the apocalyptic scenarios that she quickly sketched out for me earlier in her consultation. I still feel quite different myself. But my thyroid gland is of normal growth, after all.

Let’s not fool ourselves: I am a sick man – and I don’t get carried away. I even have it in writing: My great new family doctor wrote me off sick – because of a viral infection. So I was already weakened when the other bad news reached me from within. So now I’m lying in my bed again and curing myself.

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Net campaign against the bundeswehr: do what counts

The Bundeswehr wanted to improve its image with a hip campaign worth 10.6 million euros. Now there’s a small uproar on the net.

Some will probably answer that with a yes. Screenshot:

"We also fight for you to be against us. Do what really matters!" That’s just one of the slogans with which the German Armed Forces have recently been aggressively promoting themselves as part of a 10.6 million euro advertising campaign. For career opportunities in the military. For Germany’s peace work. For deployment in war zones.

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Column press blow: tofu until it comes out his ears.

How Susi Hoeneb ensured that Uli H. remained surprisingly civilized even after FC Bayern Munchen lost.

Bavarian happiness: Uli and Susi Hoeneb Photo: dpa

It worked! Ha! "Watch this," I had said to him, back in November, "if you say something like that again, then something is going on here!" After the 3:3 against Fortuna, he had said, "This will be a difficult evening for my wife." Everyone can imagine how people look at you at the bakery on a Monday after you say something like that, a little pityingly, a little suspiciously, to see if you’re okay. In any case, you can’t put up with that kind of nonsense, and that’s why I thought of something.

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New album by maria minerva: remembrance of happier times

Estonian artist Maria Minerva meets this darn year with her synthpop album "Soft Power". Between melancholy and euphoria.

Ideal soundtrack for outdoor club conversations: Minerva’s new album Photo: Peter Tomka

"Hey pretty baby / It’s been a while" – Maria Minerva doesn’t keep quiet about her six-year absence for long. Rather, she greets listeners of her new album "Soft Power" quite offensively; her vocals are cuddled by a slightly droning organ, the two closed hi-hat cymbals, which are all the more swinging for it, and feisty synthesizer accents.

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Spd deputy quits: “we have to set ourselves goals again”.

After nine years in the House of Representatives, SPD deputy Clara West does not want to run again. One reason: a lack of debate culture in her parliamentary group.

Mobile information stand of Clara West in the 2016 election campaign Photo: imago stock&people

site: Ms. West, has Raed Saleh, the parliamentary group leader of the SPD in the House of Representatives, already tried to change your mind?

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