Housing in hamburg: eight euros rent is possible

The urban development authority presents a model project in Neugraben that is intended to show what housing for normal earners could look like.

Three quarters wooden: Vogelkamp project Photo: IBA

In Neugraben, the Senate has launched another attempt to bring housing onto the market that normal earners can afford. In the Vogelkamp neighborhood, where a model apartment was on view Wednesday, the cold rent will be a maximum of eight euros per square meter. "Hamburg’s citizens need living space outside of publicly subsidized housing that is affordable with an average salary," said Urban Development Senator Dorothee Stapelfeldt (SPD).

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Scientist on nursing robot use: “personal care is too intimate”.

Robots cannot replace humans, but they can support them, says Heiner Friesacher. To do so, however, researchers need to look more closely at nursing professions.

Paro is a therapy robot that has been under development in Japan since the 1990s for dementia patients Photo: imago/epd

site: Mr. Friesacher, will nursing robots be the main people walking through old people’s homes in 20 years’ time?

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Director about domestic violence: “breaking the silence”.

Using her own family as an example, director Valentina Primavera explores violence against women in her first film, "Una Primavera."

Fiorella Primavera first had to learn to use her freedom Photo: Fugu

For Valentina Primavera, the word "spring" evokes two associations: New beginnings and family. The former is understandable to most, the latter a personal matter, because it has to do with her family name "Primavera" (in Italian: spring). That the Berlin-based director titled her debut film "Una Primavera" makes sense. On the one hand, the documentary is about the new beginning that Primavera’s mother is striving for after she left her husband following the last episode of domestic violence, and on the other hand, it is about the director’s family constellation, whose patriarchal structures she focuses on.

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Legal opinion of environmental associations: “incident operation” next to nuclear power plant

Experts consider a planned gas terminal in Brunsbuttel to be ineligible for approval. The Ministry of Economics in Kiel disagrees.

Already dangerous enough: Brunsbuettel nuclear power plant in Schleswig-Holstein Photo: ap

Opposition to the planned new import ports for liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the North Sea coast is now shifting to the legal level. On Tuesday, an alliance of German Environmental Aid (DUH), local environmental groups, and the Hamburg-based "Fridays for Future" movement presented a legal opinion stating that the planned LNG terminal in Brunsbuttel "cannot be approved for safety reasons," according to the report. The "siting of an incident operation" contradicts the requirements in immission control and nuclear law and also violates the development plan of the municipality of Brunsbuttel.

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Police scandal in nrw: against the wall

Accusations of manipulation, another child abuse scandal dragged out: NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) must fight for his office.

Under increasing pressure: NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) Photo: dpa

North Rhine-Westphalia’s CDU Interior Minister Herbert Reul is coming under increasing pressure because of police failures and allegations of manipulation. In the interior committee of the state parliament, Reul had to admit on Thursday afternoon that North Rhine-Westphalia’s police had massively slopped in a second case of child pornography after the thousand-fold sexual abuse at a campsite in Lugde in eastern Westphalia.

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Suspicion of terrorism against franco a.: weird double life

A Bundeswehr soldier is suspected of terrorism: how could he be recognized as a "Syrian" even though he spoke no Arabic?

The Bundestag’s defense commissioner, Hans-Peter Bartels, SPD, said this did not reflect well on the Bundeswehr Photo: dpa

Even the day after, the case is causing head-scratching and partial perplexity: Bundeswehr officer Franco A. registered as a refugee in December 2015 in Giessen under the fictitious name David Benjamin – supposedly a Christian greengrocer from Damascus. In Zirndorf, Bavaria, he is recognized as an asylum seeker and has since been receiving social benefits, in addition to his pay as a federal army lieutenant.

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Clearing for electric car factory: reptiles hinder tesla

Fence lizards and smooth snakes threaten the construction of the electric car factory in Grunheide. A court has partially ruled in favor of the conservationists who filed the lawsuit.

Now, for the time being, there is a partial end to clearing: Construction site in Grunheide (Brandenburg) Photo: Patrick Pleul/dpa

Tesla is struggling with major problems at its factory construction site in Grunheide, Brandenburg. On the one hand, work has been suspended since Friday because Tesla has not yet deposited a 100 million euro security deposit as a bank guarantee. The Brandenburg State Environmental Agency (LfU) is demanding this from the U.S. electric carmaker because the construction of a paint shop and clearing of 83 hectares of pine forest were only permitted as so-called "premature measures."

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Venice film festival awards ceremony: masculinity in a state of crisis

The jury awarded the Golden Lion to Guillermo del Toro’s "The Shape of Water," a lovingly nostalgic fantasy film.

Xavier Legrand moved the award ceremony to tears Photo: ap

Men crying. This time there were quite a few. Not merely on the screen, but also on stage at the closing ceremony of the 74th Venice Film Festival. Impressively, the winner of the Golden Lion for Best Film, Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. He began his acceptance speech, in tears, by saying, "I’m 52, I weigh 300 pounds and I’ve made ten films."

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Political discourse in corona crisis: the very big reset button

The Corona crisis is shaking up many certainties. It is forcing liberals and the left to rethink entrenched narratives.

At a distance: MPs voting on the supplementary budget Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

Corona is a giant red reset button that has suddenly been pushed. It shuts down social and economic life almost completely to zero, but not only that. Political discourse is also undergoing a reboot as the virus pulverizes ingrained ideologies, narratives and reflexes. After this crisis, one thing above all will be true: Everything is different.

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News from bundesliga states: thuringeskes and too little dirt

What someone who comes from Aachen could have known. And why the coach of MSV Duisburg shouldn’t always get so worked up.

Take it easy: Erling Haaland doesn’t like to get upset Photo: reuters

Perhaps it’s fortunate that the state of Thuringia has never been able to send a soccer representative to the Bundesliga in its – admittedly short – history. Who knows what damage he would have done otherwise. On the other hand, perhaps this is also a misfortune, because people who reliably have something once a week to be upset about, to feel cheated about, or to triumph over immensely simply no longer have as much energy to think up outrageous things of all kinds.

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