Soldiers at checkpoint charlie: history repeats itself

Showmen in GI uniforms earn money with photos. After many complaints from tourists, the district no longer wants to tolerate this.

Discarded: Fake soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie Photo: dpa

Every day around quarter to nine, a kind of morning roll call takes place at Checkpoint Charlie. Then several GIs and their Russian opponents come out of some corner, push a cart towards the white control booth in the middle of the street and start their work.

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Starbucks store for the deaf opens: ordering coffee in sign language

The coffee chain opens its first branch for the deaf in the USA. The German Association of the Deaf would like to see the same trend in Germany.

All 24 employees in the new Starbucks branch speak American Sign Language Photo: Starbucks

S-T-A-R-B-U-C-K-S is written on the dark green parasol in front of the freshly opened coffee shop in the northeast of the city of Washington, D.C.. Nothing unusual, one might think. If it weren’t for the fact that the lettering is not conventional letters, but American Sign Language hand signs. Just a few blocks from Gaullaudet University – the world’s first university for the deaf – the coffee chain opened a new branch on Tuesday. The special feature: The coffee shop was designed for people who have difficulty hearing or cannot hear at all. With the deaf-friendly store, the US company wanted to show that it can work when customers with different needs come together.

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Stop play for tennis pro because of corona: blues in the bladder

French player Kristina Mladenovic is banned from the US Open. She sees herself as a victim of an inconsistent Corona policy.

Feels treated like a "criminal": Doubles specialist Kristina Mladenovic Photo by Seth Wenig/ap

The big sport is currently taking place in the bubble. Or in the bubble, as the American says. The NBA’s basketball players are playing for the championship in Orlando, shielded from view and without spectators. In New York, the tennis players are in the process of determining the US Open champions. Life as a bubble boy and bubble girl is tough at times, the "new normal" in the wake of Corona prevention comes with restrictions and precautions that meet with a divided response. It’s no different in New York.

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Dispute in berlin spd over alignment: the truce is over

Until the election, faction leader Raed Saleh had kept quiet. Now he criticizes the governing mayor for the election results.

You have not done so well, thinks Raed Saleh (l.) and means Michael Muller (r.) Photo: dpa

One day after the start of the red-red-green exploratory talks, the truce between the governing mayor Michael Muller and faction leader Raed Saleh has apparently ended. In an article in the Tagesspiegel, Saleh sharply criticizes Muller, without, however, calling him by name. With its result of 21.6 percent on September 18, the SPD "lost its status as the people’s party in many parts of Berlin," Saleh writes. During the election campaign, the Social Democrats were often perceived not as "socialists" but as "representatives of the state.

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Tv news for kids on kika: for growing europe

One month to go until the EU elections: TV reporters Dilek usuk and Maral Bazargani explain the continent to children in "Logo!".

Dilek usuk (left) and Maral Bazargani Photo: ZDF

Until the late eighties, children only saw the news that adults saw as well. For example, what came after the insistent gong at eight o’clock in the evening. The Tagesschau on the German public broadcaster Ersten – fascinatingly incomprehensible to children. From January 1989, the decade of inflationary hairspray consumption was just coming to an end, the fall of the Berlin Wall was imminent, came an alternative for children and young people, on ZDF started the program "Logo!"

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Death after arrest in erfurt: no picture, no name

A man tries to steal a backpack and is arrested. 25 hours later, the Algerian is dead. What happened?

Why did a young man die in police custody in Erfurt? Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa

At the kiosk there are those with bratwurst, those with plenty of time, and on Friday last week there is also a backpack, which is where it all begins. It is early evening, a man approaches the stand. He tries to steal the backpack. The owner of the backpack notices him and fights back. Officers of the federal police arrive. They take the suspect to the police station, which is only a few steps away from the snack bar. Twenty-five hours later, the man is dead.

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Sri lanka does not calm down: riots after facebook post

Anti-Muslim riots broke out in Sri Lanka. The government responds with a curfew and the blocking of social media.

Since the Easter attacks, security has been tightened at Sri Lanka’s religious sites, here a church in Colombo. Photo: Eranga Jayawardena/ap

Sri Lanka’s government again ordered social media blocked Monday after a possibly misleading post on Facebook sparked anti-Muslim riots in the western coastal town of Chilaw over the weekend. The small town 80 kilometers north of Colombo has a high Christian population. A mob attacked mosques there over the weekend, as well as stores owned by Muslims.

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Thunberg and merkel in new york: annoyed by small talk and selfies

Interlude at the UN climate summit: her brief encounter last year with Angela Merkel apparently stressed rather than impressed Greta Thunberg.

The conversation on the sidelines of the UN climate summit Photo: dpa

It was – next to the words "How dare you", which have been part of the standard repertoire of every climate demo since then – probably the scene that received the most attention in Germany when the United Nations invited to the climate summit last September: Angela Merkel and Greta Thunberg in a cosy conversation.

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Turkey at war in syria: arrived in the syrian quagmire

With the attack on Turkish soldiers, the feared emergency seems to be occurring: an open war between NATO member Turkey and Syria.

On Friday, after an airstrike in Idlib: A dead chicken gives a meal Photo: Umit Bektas/reuters

The long-dreaded emergency has arrived. The military clashes in the Syrian rebel province of Idlib have degenerated into a full-scale war between Turkey and the Assad regime’s troops.

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Black-red government plans: when mom suddenly needs care

When parents become care recipients, children can be called upon to support their parents. This is soon to change in many cases.

The question of who pays for care is also a matter of emotion Photo: Imago / EPD

Johanna Fricke’s* mother-in-law had become frail, and the old lady lives alone. "It was clear that she needed some help in the morning and evening," Fricke says. Son and daughter-in-law work full time. A nursing service was requested.

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